Educational Classes in Homer

Classes Coming to Homer


Food Sanitation Certification

Fulfill the Illinois certification requirement for food handlers with Katie McKinney, through discussion, new hands-on activities, and videos. Topics include food-borne illness, time-temperature control, personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing, HACCP, food safety, preparation and serving, cross-contamination, government regulations, and more.

Effective July 1, 2014, training hour requirements for Food Service Sanitation courses are reduced from 15 hours to 8 hours! Recertification now requires students to complete an 8-hour Food Service Sanitation course and exam every 5 years.


Sat Oct 18 & 25     8:30am-12:30pm     FSS 610 007Z    

Deadline: Oct 11    

Class Fee  $149 (book & test additional)

Book & Test Fee: $49 

Register today, call Parkland College Business Training at

217/351-2235 or visit

If there are other classes that you would like to see offered, or are willing to offer yourself, please comment below!


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