Recap of October 2nd ’14 meeting

Special Guest: Mike Hunter of the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission.

We were very pleased to have Mike come and share with us information regarding the weatherization program offered to residents of Champaign County.

Details of the 3 programs.

1) LiHeap.  If you are having trouble paying your utility bills, they will provide you with a one time payment to help you pay a percentage of your bills.

2) Emergency Furnace.  If your furnace goes out this winter, you can apply for emergency help!  You might be eligible for a replacement furnace!  You must be under 200% over poverty level, and they do not handle oil or propane furnaces.

3) Weaterization Program.  With this program, you might qualify to have improvements to your home performed to help make your house more prepared for winter weather.  Types of things examined: Air seals, insulation, clear furnaces, even perhaps the replacement of your furnace.  There are some restrictions.  There must not be any unresolved insurance issues, no ongoing remodeling project, less than 10 sq ft of mold or mildew, and the property can not be for sale.  If you are a tenant, you can still apply but must do so with cooperation of your landlord.  Once a property has undergone this program, it will not be available to do it again for 15 years

To learn about any of these programs, contact Mike Hunter or Dawn Rear, 217-819-4079

We were also thrilled to hear the news that the South Homer Township is willing to donate a lot in Homer to Habitat for Humanity!  We can’t wait to hear the progress on this!


The next meeting will be November 6th at 7pm.  We will be finalizing plans for Christmas in Homer!  There will be a break for the Holidays and the next informative meeting will be in February.


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