June 12th ’14, Brainstorm about how HCIA can be involved more

June 12th, 2014



What are the needs of the residents of Homer?


  1. Financial Assistance (short term); rent & utility assistance



  1. Financial Responsibility (long term); host a Dave Ramsey Program



  1. Feed people; Satellite Food Pantry, free dinners (One Church is already doing this monthly)



  1. Education; Work with Parkland for an off-campus GED program and other education credits. Work with a technical institute to teach skills.



  1. After school program childcare for working families. Crisis center for desperate families



  1. Clean up the section 8 housing and begin programs to help families into safe homes.



  1. Home repairs, yard work, grocery shopping, transportation (CRIS)



  1. What resources are available to us? USDA grants


The follow up to this discussion will take place July 10th at 7pm at the Village Hall. We can bring in experts to talk about their programs and how to implement them in Homer (i.e. Directors from the Food Pantry, Empty Tomb, Restoration Urbana Ministries, Habitat for Humanity, DACC, Parkland, Etc).


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